Monday, July 21, 2008

Download the new Firefox and try

There's a lot of disussions on the Internet about which web browser to use. The big four Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer all have their advantages. The only way to find out if there is a browser that works better than the one you use right now is to download, install and try out your self. If you have experiences with browsers that you want to share with others, joining a web browser forum is a good idea.

Here's a voice from firefoxopera - web browser forum:

"I think that one of the reasons that I keep coming back to Firefox (I've got 4 browsers installed, Opera, Safari, Firefox and of course Internet Explorer) is a very simple yet very useful feature, when you type in a google search in the search toolbar I am automatically presented with the most commonly searched strings.

I also like the interface in general, the two things that I can think of right now that I miss is the "Quick Tabs" feature from Internet Explorer and the "Speed Dial" feature from Opera.

On occasion I want to look at something pretty and launch Safari but I quickly tire and go back to Firefox. I think I've not used Safari enough to have an opinion about it and the same goes for Opera really. All I can say is that I am really comfortable with Firefox!"

I know I'm off topic today, but finding the browser that best meets up to your needs is something everyone will want, including web marketing people.

Have a great Summer!
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Download the new Firefox and/or Opera and try out!

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