Friday, February 5, 2021

The Road to Success on the Web (Part 3.) - Link Building & Top Results

Inbound links for even better search engine positioning - Don't forget to work with link building = off-page SEO!

In addition to analyzing textual content and other SEO factors on your website, Google looks at which websites link to your page as well as which websites your website links to. A link to a website is seen by Google as a popularity vote on that page.

The authority of the linking site (Google page rank) is of great importance. But also the relevance of the content on the inbound web page, compared to the content on your website is of great importance. In other words, inbound links from sites within the same subject area are worth much more.

How links are designed is just as important if it is to have any positive effect on search engine positioning. An inbound link from another website must have an anchor text, which contains one or more of the keywords for which your website is optimized. An anchor text is simply a description of the landing page, so that Google understands what it is about.

It is also very good if your website is discussed and bookmarked on well-visited social bookmarking sites such as;,, and many more, here's a list of 50+ Social Bookmarking Sites. This is highly valued by Google because this too is a rating on a website's popularity.

Being mentioned in a blog post with a link to your website also improves the search engine positioning of your website. Of course, the inbound links provide some visitors, but they also improve your Google page rank and strengthen the effect of search engine optimization in search results.

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Jeanette said...

Så sant som det är skrivet. Har du inga ut eller inlänkar så får du inga besökare till din sida.
Gillar ditt sätt att skriva det som löåande brev.
Lätt att förstå och bra innehåll.