Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Road to Web Success (Part 4.) - Successful SEO

I'm sure most of you have seen a lot of "Google Top 10 overnight" offers on the web. Or have been exposed to annoying telemarketers who can only say "We take you to the top of Google", but can not explain how.

I myself am tired of this because I know from experience that the results of search engine optimization are strongly dependent on a number of different factors. If "Google top-10" salespeople say otherwise, they are very likely to use unethical practices.

Some SEO methods work for your website and some may, in the worst case, jeopardize your website's presence in search results. High search engine rankings do not happen overnight, not even with a perfectly optimized website and good inbound links. But it can happen faster than many experts think.

Now lets move on with "The road to success on the web (part 4.) - Successful SEO".

Target your target audience:
Do your research well to determine which target audience your website is intended for. Do not wait with this, do your web and keyword analysis before any content is published. Always keep your target audience in mind when writing, creating internal links, adding captions, etc.

Well written content:
Should not be underestimated. Obviously, well-written, straightforward content is what search engines want. And so do your visitors!

Natural keyword placement:
Do not try to cram your texts full of "super-keywords" in an unnatural way. Your readers and even Google will see if it is an attempt at excessive search engine optimization. Instead, let your keywords blend naturally into the texts. Preferably with synonyms, no more than a few keywords per web page and I say it again, no unnatural repetition of the keywords.

Relevant address links:
Think carefully about which link addresses your web pages should have and include the keywords that each individual page should be optimized for that page. For example, instead of ".com/traffic" use ".com/traffic-driving-methods". Page links should be limited to relevant keywords separated by hyphens.

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