Sunday, September 26, 2021

Motivation for Entrepreneurs like you & me!

Dear Reader,

I just started posting a video on my social media about the 10 Habits of All Successful People. It provides good input and a lot of encouragement. 

As entrepreneurs we need to think this way. All the info is free and anyone doing business online should watch it.

You should watch the video I believe it will be helpful and encouraging to you.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

BYOB - Financial freedom can be Yours!

Do you want to work for 40 years or more to make $40,000 a year or less just so you can retire on 40% of what wasn't enough in the first place?

Imagine owning a profitable home business that you could start today WITHOUT:

- Technical know-how, 
- Large capital investment or overhead, 
- Jeopardizing your current career, 
- Any of the headaches of owning a traditional business.

What if all the tools and techniques were provided for you instantly with simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions? What if I told you it was FREE to join with NO obligation whatsoever! Interested?

Why not take that important first step and visit:

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Happy Molecule is Here!

Researchers just discovered the most amazing molecule to be HAPPY & Make Money from!

Bliss - extra-strength happy, your shortcut to elevated mood, reduced stress and anxiousness while calming fear.

Stop the merry-go-round and just breathe. Think clearly and feel the significant but subtle effects on your mental health.

Find out more about this Amazing Discovery & Business Opportunity here: 

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Friday, May 7, 2021

Does your website focus on your target audience?

It may seem obvious that you think through which people you turn to when building a website. But that is not the case!

If you browse around for a while and take a look at websites, you'll soon see that most people write dignifiedly impersonally and uninspired. Many companies have websites where you find out very succinctly that they exist and what they do or have to offer. Often without personal appeal and absolutely no questions about what the visitor expects from the company. It is rarely offered easily accessible deeper information, yes the list can be made indefinitely.

It's only when you know what the goal of your website is that it's worth building and running one. Are you going to use it to drive people to your store or are you going to let more people get to know you and your services?

Start from your target group, which no one knows better than you, when defining the goal of the website. It is not easy to build a website on your own and especially one that is built with a focus on your target group. But now we’re talking first class onsite SEO.

There is no one who can build the homepage for you, but with – Website Creation and Design – in your hands you will always be able to build a great site! good luck!

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Website Creation and Design— $5.00 (Save 89%!)
Excerpt: "How to Choose the Best Website Design for Your Business. Whether your business has been established offline for years or whether it is a new business altogether, the design of your website must coincide with your overall brand image and sales goals." Comes with Master Resale Rights, comes with a sales page.
Excerpt: "How to Choose the Best Website Design for Your Business. Whether your business has been established offline for years or whether it is a new business altogether, the design of your website must coincide with your overall brand image and sales goals." Comes with Master Resale Rights, comes with a sales page.
5 USD InStock

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A Powerful Guide to Internet Entrepreneurship Survival

Master The Backwoods Of Internet Entrepreneurship - All Distilled Into A Single Most Powerful Guide!

Target Market/Demand: Internet Entrepreneurship is far from being the hardest business but it's by no means not necessarily the easiest, either. Penetrating into E-Commerce with little preparation and fewer tunings to your mindset can just be responsible for killing your potential success as an Internet Entrepreneur!

Product Description: Introducing the Internet Entrepreneurship Survival Guide for all entrepreneurs in the making, you are about to master all the backwoods and mandatory skills that you need in order to survive the rough journeys of Internet Marketing before seeing the huge pile of rewards.

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Friday, April 23, 2021

The ECommerce Entrepreneurs Community- ECommergy

Get lots of valuable help running your E-Commerce Business from a collection of powerful, business-changing hand-picked articles, videos, audios, ”ask-an-expert” program and more like the following:

- Exclusive articles and other content, with new content added daily.

- ECommergy's powerful search engine makes finding just the information you need a snap.

- Exclusive forum with onsite experts for FREE personal consultation (get your questions answered by real ecommerce experts)!

- A variety of tools and features for organizing and managing your favorite authors, content, etc.

And there is even more….

Find out more about Ecommergy here, the Community that will supercharge your business with the perfect information you need to succeed fast, without wasting months or years painfully searching for answers, trying to reinvent the wheel. Following is a sampling of our content that will be quickly taking your business to new heights.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Mighty101 a multi-purpose cleaning sensation!

It's called Mighty101—a revolutionary, environmentally safe cleaner with over 101 uses! Completely non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and with no artificial colors or perfumes, Mighty101 all-purpose cleaner eliminates grime, dirt, and germs on nearly EVERY surface inside and outside your home, car, garage, and workplace.

Mighty101 isn't just another all-purpose cleaner though! This remarkable product is an innovation in cleaning technology, uniquely formulated to remove the toughest grease and grime faster than conventional toxic cleaning products. Yet it's completely safe to use anywhere in your home or business and around children, infants, and pets.

Wherever you want a clean surface, Mighty101 can tackle the job!
...and it's ONLY available at!
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Mighty101 It Really Cleans Everything Safely. STANDARD PACK— $18.95
Introducing the amazing multi-purpose cleaning sensation we call [b]Mighty101[/b], which is now available in small sachets to save money, storage space & shipping costs. After all, why ship water from A to B when you can just ship our amazing powder formula...& add water wherever you need to use our product? [b]Mighty101[/b] is a single...
Introducing the amazing multi-purpose cleaning sensation we call [b]Mighty101[/b], which is now available in small sachets to save money, storage space & shipping costs. After all, why ship water from A to B when you can just ship our amazing powder formula...& add water wherever you need to use our product? [b]Mighty101[/b] is a single product that really tackles over a hundred & one cleaning problems around your home, in and on motor vehicles, boats and caravans. In fact, Mighty101 is so efficient at removing even the most stubborn grease, dirt and grime, we highly recommend all businesses to replace their many (often toxic) cleaning products with this simple yet brilliant single cleaning product that's safe to use around people and pets and is great for our planet too. [b]Small & compact, saving tons of storage space[/b] Mighty101 cleaning sachets only measure about 90 x 60 x 0.02 mm and weigh just 4 grams each. So whether you need to save space under your kitchen sink, or in your cleaning supplies cabinet, you can immediately see that this amazing cleaner will save you space. [b]Easy to use[/b] And it is so easy to use—simply empty the contents of a sachet of Mighty101 powder into a standard size spray bottle and JUST ADD WATER. Replace the trigger head and shake the contents well. [b]Mission Statement[/b] By the way, just in case you are wondering why we have not offered to send you a Spray Bottle with your free sachets, it is really very simple— Morris Clean UK Ltd’s mission is to be "totally green," so we cannot justify posting plastic containers around the world. However, we have enclosed a waterproof “Mighty101” spray bottle label with your sachets for you to adhere to your own spray bottle. [hr] [h4]So what does Mighty101 clean?[/h4] ✔ [b]Carpets, Fabric Stains & Upholstery Cleaner[/b] Mighty101 is an astonishing stain remover, and we like to think it is the ultimate emergency cleaning product when those unforeseen accidents occur. [url=]See cleaning instructions.[/url] [i]But Wait! Mighty101 is not just for cleaning carpets, fabrics and upholstery. Mighty101 is an amazing all-purpose cleaner and will replace virtually every cleaning product you’re currently using in your home, on and in your car, even at your workplace.[/i] ✔ [b]Astonishing Kitchen Degreaser[/b] Mighty101 is tough enough to degrease industrial kitchens but gentle enough to use in your home, around you and your pets, and really helps the planet too. [i]But Wait! Mighty101 is not just for cleaning kitchens. Mighty101 is an amazing all-purpose cleaner and will replace virtually every cleaning product you’re currently using in your home, on and in your car, even at your workplace.[/i] ✔ [b]Sensational Bathroom Cleaner[/b] Mighty101 is brilliant at removing soap scum from bathtubs, lime scale from shower cubicles and really makes your glass and chrome fittings sparkle. [i]But Wait! Mighty101 is not just for cleaning bathrooms. Mighty101 is an amazing all-purpose cleaner and will replace virtually every cleaning product you’re currently using in your home, on and in your car, even at your workplace.[/i] ✔ [b]Outstanding Window, Glass and Screen Cleaner[/b] Mighty101 a powerful but gentle glass cleaner that will leave windows, glass and all types of electrical screens smear free. [url=]See cleaning instructions.[/url] [i]But Wait! Mighty101 is not just for cleaning widows, glass and screens. Mighty101 is an amazing all-purpose cleaner and will replace virtually every cleaning product you’re currently using in your home, on and in your car, even at your workplace.[/i] ✔ [b]Cars, RV’s, Trucks and Boats[/b] Mighty101 all-purpose cleaner is the ultimate car & boat cleaning product. Use Mighty101 on all types of paint work, PVC and fiberglass. It will remove the toughest of grease and grime or traffic film from alloy wheels and gel coats. In addition, use mighty101 inside cars, boats and RVs's great for cleaning carpets, upholstery, leather and headliners. [url=]See cleaning instructions.[/url] [i]But Wait! Mighty101 is not just for cleaning cars, RV’s, trucks and boats. Mighty101 is an amazing all-purpose cleaner and will replace virtually every cleaning product you’re currently using in your home, on and in your car, even at your workplace.[/i] ✔ [b]Fantastic Jewellery & Watch Cleaner[/b] Mighty101 all-purpose cleaner is a fantastic jewellery cleaning product and is safe to use on all precious metals and stones. However, please note, we do not advise you to use it on pearls. [i]But Wait! Mighty101 is not just for jewellery and watch cleaning. Mighty101 is an amazing all-purpose cleaner and will replace virtually every cleaning product you’re currently using in your home, on and in your car, even at your workplace.[/i]
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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Do You know what Voice Search SEO is?

You’ve probably heard about or used the Voice Search function on your phone. The use of this fantasic function is growing like crazy and has improved life of many. Because of this, Voice SEO is increasingly important for companies, organizations and other websites.

The procedure is different than standard SEO approach and mentality. Usually typed searches are brief and straight to the point. Voice Search queries are often long tail, with full questions posed.

Interested? Go here for more information about Voice Search SEO

Voice Search SEO

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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Sorry there’s no such thing as ”Get Rich Quick”

But there ARE great opportunities for entrepreneurs who are serious about building a profitable online enterprise.

If you can accept that truth and you're ready to stop believing fairy tales and go to work, consider the following...


$6.5 TRILLION in online sales is projected in 2023 alone. Want a piece of it? Then you need to avoid fly-by-night companies and instead hook up your wagon to a PROVEN SFI. SFI is in its 23rd year. Their parent company, Carson Services, Inc., is in its 37th year. They’ve been serving entrepreneurs for over three decades! No company lasts that long that isn’t doing right by its customers and associates. Indeed, SFI has thousands of affiliates far into their second decade with them - because SFI works and they’re making money.


They have a stellar 4.39 (out of 5 stars) rating, based on 657,688 reviews. They're also a highly-rated 21 year member of the Better Business Bureau. Some of the biggest and best companies in the world can’t claim this prestigious accolade! But They can, and you can verify it right HERE.


As soon as you’re ready, They’re going to give you full access to our world-class training center, for as long as you want, and without any cost. Work from the comfort of your home, or as you travel, on your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. Do as little or as much with SFI as you want. Sample as many of their hundreds of powerful free business tools and resources as you want. Go fast, go slow. It's OK with them. You can kick their tires and take the SFI-mobile around the block as many times as you want. And all the while, you can earn as you learn, and always with no obligation.


Yesterday alone, 1,784 people from 134 different countries joined SFI. And since 1998, they’ve shown over 19 MILLION men and women, in more than 200 countries worldwide, how to make money online! They will show you how to too if you're interested in becoming a real entrepreneur.


In short, SFI has something for everyone...which makes online sales both lucrative and fun! Yes, as an SFI affiliate, you have over 8,000 products and services to buy and sell, including products in more than 30 categories, popular 24-hour Eager Zebra™ online games, and our amazing, money-saving Astro Auctions™. They even take care of all orders, payments, shipping, and customer service for you. They also have an entire local vendor network, Localvantia™, allowing you to tap into monthly, ongoing commissions just for referring people to local restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and more!

If the above five reasons STILL don't convince you to Join SFI.

Then please don’t take their word for it. Go HERE and sample from 13,828 testimonials from people just like you that LOVE SFI so much that they had to write them and tell them why. SFI challenge you to find ANY other internet sales program that has even a fraction of the testimonials that they does!


Being an entrepreneur can be fun, intoxicating, and very lucrative, but don't join a company like SFI if you're not willing to invest some time and effort. Success comes before work ONLY in the dictionary. There are no shortcuts.

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Start that Side Hustle

Turn your skills into cash with Flexxity!

Do you have a skill or talent that other people might need? Turn it into a paycheck by listing it at Flexxity!

Handyman services, landscaping, pet sitting, computer repair, yoga classes, guitar lessons—any in-demand service can become a profitable side hustle and put extra money in your pocket.

And becoming a "Flexpert" is simple and easy! Just list your service, set your price, and you're off and running! There are no products to stock or new skills to learn. We'll provide everything you need to develop and build your service business—including promoting you worldwide via the Flexxity search engine and to our database of millions of members.

You also get full access to our world-class training and marketing resources—all for as little as $3.33 a month (just $.11 per day)!

Already have a full-time job? No problem! With Flexxity's unique platform, you can make yourself available ONLY when you want to. Pause your listing whenever you want. It's your business; YOU set your prices and YOU set own schedule! You're the boss!

What can I do to make extra money?

You might be surprised how many things you can do that other people would pay for! There are literally thousands of services. Following are just a few ideas of the kinds of services you could list:

House Cleaning, Babysitting, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Secretarial Services,

Moving Services, Yard Cleanup, Lawn Care, Painting, Handyman

Decorating Services, Car Maintenence, Delivery Services, Household Chores

Driving Services, Copy Writing, Marketing Services, SEO Services, Home Organization

Life Coaching, Cooking, Dog poo Removal, Technology Tutor, Fashion Advisor

Snow Removal, Craft Instructor, Clothing Repair, Jewelry Making, Baking, Photography

Event Planning, Graphic Design, Knitting and more…..

Join people around the world making extra money with a Flexxity listing >>>

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

A powerful new way to boost online sales

Rewardical is the name of a new kind of loyalty program that will help generate new sales and widen customer bases, stimulate incentivize repeat sales from existing customers and promote and strengthen customer loyalty.

Not only can Rewardical help e-commerce businesses thrive and grow, it's Free to join, and the ongoing cost is as little as just $.05 per dollar on all orders generated. And that's for Guaranteed orders. The Webshop companys pay nothing unless we're generating orders for them, so there's zero risk! There's also no ongoing obligation, no contracts, and no "gotcha!" fine print. The Rewardical program get you orders or you pay nothing. It's truly that simple.

Rewardical is also the easiest loyalty program ever (great for online businesses even if they already have an existing loyalty program, by the way)! Getting started basically requires submitting the website URL and choosing a participation rate. Rewardicals simple rewards claim system then tracks all orders, presents the webshop company with a list of orders for them to verify, and delivers all earned Rewardicals directly to their customer on the company's behalf. Remember, if the Rewardical program don't get the user orders, there is no cost.

Start for Free and The Rewarded Program offers the first 1,000 rewardicals free!

And to really sweeten the pot, the first 1000 Rewardicals earned by webshops customers are on the Rewardical program. That is, they can join today and start generating new customers and new sales and it won't cost them anything! If after 1000 Rewardicals they're not totally delighted, just walk away, no-questions-asked...but with their sincere thanks for giving the Rewardical loyalty program a look!

Here's a BIG reason to join today:

Their online network currently have 10.0 million members worldwide. As a new merchant in the Rewardical network, a new e-commerce site will automatically be promoted to the most active members, highlighted as a new seller in their search engine, and more.

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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Tips on SEO – Linking Strategies

This is the fourth post in a series of five free tips on SEO. It's about how you can get great incoming links to your search engine-optimized website. These help your website rank higher in the search results - so-called off-page SEO.

There are many ways to get relevant links to a website. We in the industry call it "off-page SEO".

Some interconnection you can get naturally over time if people like your website and link to it without you doing anything active. However, since good and relevant links are so important for ranking high, I recommend trying one or more of the following ways to build relevant links.

Remember that a perfect incoming link has:
• The correct search phrase in the anchor text.
• Comes from high page rank website.
• Comes from subject-related website.

Web articles – Article Marketing:

If you like to write and can set aside time for it, I recommend writing some subject-related articles that you then publish with certain article banks. Why do I recommend it?

Well, because the fact is that "article marketing" i.e. writing articles and publishing them with Article Banks online is among the most cost-effective marketing strategies available on the Internet. It provides, if you write good articles, an ever-increasing number of relevant links to your website. You may be wondering, why does it work so well?

I will draw the principle in brief why it works so well as an Internet marketing and link-building method:
• Article with unique, well-written and interesting content that may also contain some of your keywords as text links to your website as well as a signature about you = the article author with link to the homepage.
• Publish in Artikelbank(s).
• Other webmasters can download the article from the Article Bank and use as content on their web pages provided that the article author's signature (+ link) is included.

Can you imagine what happens if you write articles that end up on a variety of other web pages? Right, there can be a lot of relevant links to your website!

If your website is English-language there are thousands of serious article directories to submit your articles to! First of all I recommend a visit to , probably the best directory out were, but there are lots of other good ones, navigate here for more article directories.

Social media bookmarking:

I recommend you start by creating a Facebook profile and invite all your friends and contacts. Then you open accounts with the following four Social Bookmarking Media.




Once there, bookmark and comment on interesting websites and blogs, especially those related to your industry. On facebook, you can share your discoveries on Digg and Reddit. You can also bookmark your own website but only do it once and then again if you have made major updates to the homepage. These sites read your Meta data so it automatically becomes your most important keywords in the title and the comment adds your Meta description.

I will blog about marketing in social media (in a few day from now), which is something completely different from just bookmarking sites.

Contact other webmasters:

Write a presentation of your website and tell other webmasters that your website exists. It is perfectly OK to tip other websites about your website. Only contact sites that have equal or higher page ranks compared to yours.

Also, make sure that the content is related to your website. This can lead to discussions about link changes or that they link spontaneously to you. In the latter case, you do not affect the anchor text, but the relevance and high page rank provide a good value in themselves.

Link exchanges:

Contact webmasters on websites that are not direct competitors with you but have related activities. Preferably websites or blogs that have at least the same page rank as yours. Simply ask if they are interested in linking to your website in exchange for linking to theirs.

Before you get in touch, consider where on your website you can add a text link to them. Once you have found a suitable location for the text link, insert it. Then you send an e-mail telling them that you link to them, with which anchor text and from which of your pages.

Then ask if they would like to link back to your website. Describe which anchor text you want and give them the exact URL of the page on your website you want the link to point to.

This takes some time but is worth the trouble, especially if you manage to exchange links with some topic-related sites with higher page ranks than yours.


As I said, it is time consuming to get good incoming links. Therefore, I recommend that you start by listing your website in important directories with good page rank at: There are many more and especially good it is if your website fits into any of the "niche web directories" that seo forums recommend.

Most directories set certain quality requirements such as:

• No affiliate pages.

• No pages that just link further.

• Pages without sufficient and unique text content.

• Must not be under construction.

• Do not contain too many outbound links (usually max 50 pcs).

In order to maximize the chances of your website being accepted, it is important that you consider the following:

• The name of the link should be your website's name, not the URL.

• The description of the page should be short and in running text, not repetition of keywords and not selling "slogans". If you have a "meta tagged" website, meta content "description" is usually ok.

• Don't think like a salesperson when listing in directories!

• Prepare by writing everything ready in a word or text document to save time.


If you can get any blogger with a well-visited and industry-specific blog to write a post about any of your products, that's of course very good. How do I find suitable blogs? If you don't know anyone, I recommend using Google's blog search and entering words related to your products.

When you have a candidate who writes good relevant posts, is not a competitor and has decent visitors, it's time to introduce you and your company. For example, you can ask if they are interested in testing your product and provide a sample or any favor in exchange for writing a post about the product.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Business/Affiliate Sign-ups for up to 99% Less

If you use Pay-per-click ads, then, Yes, you can Literally lower your Cost-per-click by as much as 99%.

I do it every day; I get thousands of clicks (and hundreds of sign-ups) every week for 99% less than what many online marketers are paying.

Here's a Real-world EXAMPLE from a typical day of MY OWN ADVERTISING:

Impressions- 177,082 (How many times the ad was shown)
Number of Times People Engaged with Your Ad- 4,098
Number of Link Clicks- 205
Cost per link click- $0.02 (Rounded up, actual cost less than two cents)
Total Spend- $3.54

A Lot of advertisers would spend Over $350.00 Per Day for the Same number of results. That's $10,500 a month in advertising costs! But with this method, it was just $3.54 a day.

It just works.

And Your costs can be Even Lower than that if you don't need over a hundred-thousand impressions per day.

So, why the high price for this service? Well, besides the fact that you would save Thousands of dollars a month in the given Example, the price is set to protect owners of the method as it will limit public exposure and keep its extremely valuable trade-secret for the select, small number who do get it... and believe me, when you start saving up to 99% on ad costs, it's worth every penny.

This industry trade-secret can pay for itself, and save you thousands, as I show you how to get those results when you advertise, not for dollars per click, but pennies for Sign-ups to your Business or Affiliate Program.

(If you're looking for a complex, overly-extensive method, this is Not for you. But if you want a very simple, Powerful method to get Pay-per-Click costs way down, for up to 99% less, then it is definitely for you. It is not an ad service, nor is it an offer to deliver sign-ups. It is for people who Already know how to place online ads. You save by setting Your Own ads using the simple method delivered digitally to you via email.)

Go here:

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Tips on SEO - Meta data

Not so much to keep track of when it comes to Meta data really, but important to help search engines perceive your website the way you want. You could call it "search engine profiling", a summary and fine-tuning of your SEO.

Title tags:

Each web page should have its own unique title tag, that written between <title>and <title>in the html code. It should contain the keywords for that particular page and should not exceed about 60 characters. As I described on the text optimization page, each web page can be optimized for 2 – 4 keywords/phrases.

It's good if the text in the title tag floats naturally and provides clear information about what the page is all about. So you shouldn't just rattle up your keywords.

Keep in mind that this is the first thing people see in the search results. You can have any relevant website, but if the title doesn't appeal to them, you may miss out on visitors.

Meta description:

Each page on your website should have its own description, what is added to <meta content="HERE". The description should be a summary of what that particular page is about. Your keywords for the page should be integrated in a natural way and the description should not be of the type sales letter.

Here I give an example of what it should look like. We say that your most important keywords are "staff hire" "competent staff" and "recruitment company chicago":

<title>Best recruiting company in Chicago – Hiring competent staff<title>

<meta content="We are a Chicago-based recruitment and rental company that helps companies find competent staff"

META keywords are largely irrelevant to search engine rankings. Unfortunately, it is still common to clot the keyword tag full of words that are not even included in the content on the page. It is not good at all and in some cases can lead to the site being deleted from the index of one or more search engines. This is because it is misleading to visitors to the site and can be seen as an attempt to spam the search engine.

Next Blog post in my ”SEO Tips series” is about linking strategies.

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Tomas Ohlum

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tips on SEO - Text Optimization

After the keyword analysis where you have decided which keywords should give you the best possible visibility for your target audience in the search engines, continue with the text optimization. How do you do that?

Here's what I normally do:

  • Writes a descriptive text of the theme for each individual page. I strive for at least 200 words, preferably upwards of 400 words and do not think much about the exact search phrases at this point. I only have the main theme of each web page in mind.

  • Now work begins on "SEO site copy" which means editing the texts for the 2 – 3 search phrases for which you should optimize the text, on each unique web page. It's very individual how you write.  It is very important that the text content is linguistically correct and has a natural flow that does not interfere with the reading experience and configure the message in any way.

Now to the technical:

A) One of each search phrase should be edited into the first 60 words of the text. Another of each search phrase in the middle of the text and finally one of each phrase in the last 60 words of the text.

B) One or more search phrases should be placed in the header tag (<h1>search phrase blablabla search phrase<h1>, as close <body> as possible).

C) The search phrases in the middle can be conveniently placed in the header tag <h2>or <h3>.

D) If it’s difficult to enter any key phrases in the text, you can use these as a description in the alt tag for any appropriate image (It looks like this in html, <a href="/index.html "><IMG class="logo" height="62" alt="KEYWORDS" src="/images/logo.gif")

  • Checks each individual keyword and divide by the total number of words, on each page. A keyword should make up between 2 and 4 percent of the text on a Web page.  Later, when the home page is up to date, I use a keyword density post-check tool. For example,'s "Key word density analyzer tool".

  • If it is a new website or a major rebuild, all subpages are named after their respective keywords.

When you're done optimizing and updating your home page, I recommend installing a performance tracking tool: Google Analytics. With this tool, you can easily see how your keywords are doing, where people come from, which pages they visit, and what they're doing.

If a visitor does what you expected, it's called conversion. With this tool you can see if he/she buys an item, clicks on an ad, subscribes to your newsletter, etc. In this way, you can easily measure the conversion rate.

Next Blog post in my ”SEO Tips series” is about meta data.

On ReBlogging,

Tomas Ohlum

Monday, March 1, 2021

Tips on SEO - Find the right keywords

Before you start figuring out which keywords are right for your website, I recommend that you and your company "brainstorm" around the following:

• Which target group or audiences you want to reach with your website?

• What do you want them to do when they visit it?

• What distinguishes you from your competitors?

If a brand new website is relevant, it is very good to wait with the domain name until the keyword analysis is complete. Why? It is simply very good if the URL contains your most important keyword.

OK, now it's time to find the right keywords.

First of all, I want you to understand why single words rarely work when you want people to click on your particular link when it comes up in the search results, why?

Well, people who are looking for a specific item or service do not enter a single keyword but broadens their search to find what they are looking for. A popular word with a large search volume is very rarely relevant to your website's target audience.

Example: Let's say you run a Pizzeria in Hamburg that also makes home deliveries and now plans to open for online orders. Do you get a lot of customers through Google if you place high on the single word "pizza"?

No, of course not. What's likely to give you more customers via Google search are more specific searches for phrases like "online pizza hamburg", "pizza home delivery hamburg" or even "online pizza for home delivery hamburg".

The search volume will be lower but those who visit your website do so because they want to order pizza directly on the web for home delivery in Hamburg.

Now we can move forward with your keywords.

• Now look at the entire site and see what distinguishes each individual page. Try to determine a main theme for each page.

• Take one page at a time and try to familiarize yourself with how you would search the Internet yourself, if you were looking for things that are on this page. It is very good if you can enlist the help of friends, acquaintances and colleagues as well. Make a list of at least ten search phrases (2 - 5 words long).

• When you're done with your list, you'll have at least fifty keyword phrases if the site has five pages, a hundred phrases if you have ten pages. Now all you have to do is do keyword analysis. What did I say now?

Key concepts when talking about keyword analysis are terms such as competition, conversion rate, popularity and click-through rate. Take it easy, we'll go over what the different concepts mean.

Competition = How many web pages are relevant to a particular search phrase and can position themselves high.

Popularity = How many searches are done on a particular search phrase.

Click-through rate = Approximately expected number of clicks on a top placed search phrase.

The conversion rate is a value of the percentage of your visitors who do what you expect when they visit your website. You cannot measure the difference until after optimization. I'll tell you more about this in the blog post about relevance optimization of the text.

Now to the keyword analysis itself.

It involves using some SEO tools to find out which of your search phrases can be expected to provide the most relevant visitors to your website. The ten per side should now be boiled down to two or three per side.

Quick guide, make a simple table with the columns: Popularity/ Search Volume, Competition Level, and Click-Through Rate (AdWords).

1. Check what the competition looks like with Google'sKeyword Planner. Fill in the popularity and competition level columns (estimate 0 – 10).
2. Check the estimated number of clicks for placements 1 – 3 with WordZe (this is based on statistics from Google's sponsored links. Search results in organic results are clicked about 3 times more, so multiply by 3). Fill in the value in the Click-Through Rate column.
3. Evaluate: What you are looking for are search phrases that a) relatively many people search for. (b) has low or medium competition. (c) as high expected click-through rate as possible.

Keyword analysis is a whole little science in itself. I don't go into depth here, but my tips can help you along the way.

Among other things, I use the following keyword tools and I highly recommend it: has an impressive collection of tools that you can install completely for free in your browser. This SEO tool box contains all the free keyword tools from Google, free tools from Wordtracker and's keyword suggestion tools as well as some more.

Next Blog post in my ”SEO Tips series” is about text optimization.

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Friday, February 26, 2021

Tips on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Tips on SEO (search engine optimization).

Summary of a series of blog posts:

Correct Keywords
It is very important to choose the right keywords for search engine optimization. Keywords that consist of a single word can be very popular but rarely lead to contacts or sales. Industry-specific keywords can be so special that no one searches for them. The optimal keyword is targeted, many search for it and lead to contacts or sales.

Text optimization
The search engines require well-written, relevant and unique text to a sufficient extent. The keywords should flow into the text in a natural way. One should strive for simple and clear information in the right place. The shortest possible path between the entrance page and the product or information sought. The basic idea with text and design should be to make it easier for the visitor to find the product or information that he or she is looking for.

Meta Data / Title and title tags
The source code of the web pages can be adapted so that search engines get some help with the interpretation of the web site. It does not matter as much as before, but a well-written and correctly composed META description is still a must, I think. What absolutely must not be left out is the unique title tag and so-called. H1 headline that fits together, unique to each individual web page. So not the same title on all pages.

Relevant Links
Link building is important because a link to a website can be seen as a voice on that website. The more votes a website gets, the better the ranking. The search engines assess the relevance of links. Links from unrelated web pages do not help as much as links from web pages within the same subject area. A link from a website that has many people linking to it is valued higher than a link from a less popular website.

Next blog post is about finding out which keywords are right for your site.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Home Based Business Opportunities by Pat Mazza

Those with the right mind for business have been wracking their brains for online business opportunities that they can do in their own home. With internet entrepreneurship an option, the digital world presents multiple pathways down, which lies the answer to a liveable income.

For many of us, all we need is a working laptop and an internet connection to get online and get to work. With the ease of access, no commute, and a distinct lack of foreign germs, three top reasons to try an online business of your own, we turned our attention to business mastermind Pat Mazza. 

With three successful companies of his own and enough funds left over to pay for an NFL team, businessman Mazza has some top tips on seizing business opportunities in the current climate. Jobs you can do from Home in the Current Climate Some of the jobs that Pat Mazza suggests we do from home during the pandemic include the following:  

Website Flipper
This is one of the hottest new careers to have emerged from 2020. The Working from the Home culture that we have created has inspired a whole generation of tech-savvy young businesspeople capable of turning a website profit. A Website flipper buys the websites that aren’t doing well, optimizes them to SEO and other templates, and then sells them on when generating traffic again. This makes anything from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks per website. Another critical bonus point is that it does not cost much start-up capital. 

Online Teacher
The world of education just joined the business world in the era of digitalization. They are ready to go online to ensure that the right lessons reach the right people. From Oxford to Stanford, universities worldwide are going online… and they all need teachers who know what they are doing. Online classes tend to be smaller and shorter, which means more teachers. The Profession itself is evolving to meet the demands of a current WFH climate. If this continues, other jobs are going to have to change to accommodate childcare needs. One to watch in the coming years.

SEO Guru
If you have the know-how, the time has come to a stop working for others and start working on your websites from home. It has never been a better time to buy up many web addresses that might be popular soon and hold onto them until the time is right. As Pat Mazza always says, patience is the key to a good investment. You should not buy a site to sell it on again with nothing in between. While you have that site, you should improve it, maintain the quality level, and then pass it on to a new owner.

What to do Next… If you have decided it is time to work for yourself, you will be in a marketplace where everyone else has decided to do the same. Pick a niche that is not too popular and proceed as planned. You got this. We believe in you, and Pat Mazza also does.

Article: Pat Mazza: Home Based Business Opportunities in Today’s Economy


Saturday, February 13, 2021

The road to success on the web (part 5.) - Mobile friendly website

The 5 most important things to keep in mind if you want your mobile visitors to stay and click on your site.

In the world of technology, everything develops very quickly, so much of what was relevant yesterday is old technology today. It therefore pays to be as well-informed (and flexible) as possible when developing your website.

Here is a 5-point list of absolute necessities that must be implemented on the mobile website. This is to ensure that your mobile visitors do not turn on their heels immediately upon arrival.

1) Create a mobile subdomain
The first step to becoming mobile friendly is to provide a separate mobile friendly website. It is simply not so smart to try to serve both desktop and mobile users in one place. Create a subdomain (something like and install a redirect script that ensures that mobile visitors are automatically sent (or at least given the opportunity to go) to your mobile website.

· 2) Make navigation smart
The second thing you should do is create a smart navigation. This means designing a clean and discreet navigation for your website by considering the practical implications for a mobile user:

*   Are the main areas of the site most easily accessible with large buttons (or is it more likely that a mobile user will click on another button by mistake?)
*   Are important pages prioritized and others downgraded? Mobile users are unlikely to be interested in your privacy policy or environmental policy. Get them out of the way and make shopping and questioning easier for the mobile user. 

Basically, you need to offer the visitor distinct and clear ways to get to your most important content.

·      3) Write clear and concise content
on the agenda is content. Make sure your writing is clear, concise and straightforward. Now more than ever, you will want to capture the reader's attention right away. Make sure you have compelling headlines that allow the reader to know what comes next.

content should also be unique, original and informative. Get to the point and encourage action as soon as possible. When it comes to mobile web texts, it is "less is more" that applies.

) Scrap JavaScript and Flash
The fourth necessity is to avoid all JavaScript and Flash. If you ignore everything good and aesthetically pleasing with Flash, it is usually a qualified guess that not all mobiles can support both of these technologies. The most ideal is to use standard HTML standard for your mobile website. You probably want mobile visitors to see a slightly less exciting page than no page at all.

Preview the mobile page
final step is always to check your website on W3C Mobile to ensure compatibility between browsers and devices. Be sure to dig as deep as possible and not just settle for a simple site check. The last thing you want is a low conversion rate caused by a dysfunctional script on the contact page.

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Source: SiteProNews / Derek Jansen, Sekari Dubai

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The Road to Web Success (Part 4.) - Successful SEO

I'm sure most of you have seen a lot of "Google Top 10 overnight" offers on the web. Or have been exposed to annoying telemarketers who can only say "We take you to the top of Google", but can not explain how.

I myself am tired of this because I know from experience that the results of search engine optimization are strongly dependent on a number of different factors. If "Google top-10" salespeople say otherwise, they are very likely to use unethical practices.

Some SEO methods work for your website and some may, in the worst case, jeopardize your website's presence in search results. High search engine rankings do not happen overnight, not even with a perfectly optimized website and good inbound links. But it can happen faster than many experts think.

Now lets move on with "The road to success on the web (part 4.) - Successful SEO".

Target your target audience:
Do your research well to determine which target audience your website is intended for. Do not wait with this, do your web and keyword analysis before any content is published. Always keep your target audience in mind when writing, creating internal links, adding captions, etc.

Well written content:
Should not be underestimated. Obviously, well-written, straightforward content is what search engines want. And so do your visitors!

Natural keyword placement:
Do not try to cram your texts full of "super-keywords" in an unnatural way. Your readers and even Google will see if it is an attempt at excessive search engine optimization. Instead, let your keywords blend naturally into the texts. Preferably with synonyms, no more than a few keywords per web page and I say it again, no unnatural repetition of the keywords.

Relevant address links:
Think carefully about which link addresses your web pages should have and include the keywords that each individual page should be optimized for that page. For example, instead of ".com/traffic" use ".com/traffic-driving-methods". Page links should be limited to relevant keywords separated by hyphens.

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Friday, February 5, 2021

The Road to Success on the Web (Part 3.) - Link Building & Top Results

Inbound links for even better search engine positioning - Don't forget to work with link building = off-page SEO!

In addition to analyzing textual content and other SEO factors on your website, Google looks at which websites link to your page as well as which websites your website links to. A link to a website is seen by Google as a popularity vote on that page.

The authority of the linking site (Google page rank) is of great importance. But also the relevance of the content on the inbound web page, compared to the content on your website is of great importance. In other words, inbound links from sites within the same subject area are worth much more.

How links are designed is just as important if it is to have any positive effect on search engine positioning. An inbound link from another website must have an anchor text, which contains one or more of the keywords for which your website is optimized. An anchor text is simply a description of the landing page, so that Google understands what it is about.

It is also very good if your website is discussed and bookmarked on well-visited social bookmarking sites such as;,, and many more, here's a list of 50+ Social Bookmarking Sites. This is highly valued by Google because this too is a rating on a website's popularity.

Being mentioned in a blog post with a link to your website also improves the search engine positioning of your website. Of course, the inbound links provide some visitors, but they also improve your Google page rank and strengthen the effect of search engine optimization in search results.

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Monday, February 1, 2021

The Road to Web Success (Part 2.) - Usability & Web Design

Search Engine Friendly VS User Friendly Web Design, Opposite Relationship Or Not? The facts presented below are very important for SEO but not so obvious to some web designers.

Search engine friendly web design
Properly designed html is very important for SEO and online marketing. All search engine software is designed to look for relevant information and unique text on websites built with html.

It may be a good idea to use attractive things like Flash objects in a few places on the site to get the attention of the visitors. But using such things all over the website is out of the question if you want to build a search engine friendly website.

You should focus on simplicity when designing a website if you want the search engines to find it. A trendy and flashy website can attract many visitors and some will come back even if it is just to look at your cool website again. Some web designers tend to forget that many cool websites are not found by the search engines, they simply cannot follow the links and there is no textual content to index.

The link structure of the pages on the website is also very important. For example, if you link to more information with a descriptive text link, it helps the search engine to understand and index that page correctly.

Ok, search engines can find, analyze and understand what your site is about. But how user-friendly is it for your visitors? No need to worry. What is required for a good search engine optimized website often matches the most important criteria for building a user-friendly website.

User-friendly web design
You should strive for simple and clear information, in the right place. The shortest possible path between the start page and the product or information further down in the page structure.

The main idea of ​​the design should be to make it easier for the visitor to find the product or information he or she is looking for. There you see, exactly the same as with search engines!

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