Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Business/Affiliate Sign-ups for up to 99% Less

If you use Pay-per-click ads, then, Yes, you can Literally lower your Cost-per-click by as much as 99%.

I do it every day; I get thousands of clicks (and hundreds of sign-ups) every week for 99% less than what many online marketers are paying.

Here's a Real-world EXAMPLE from a typical day of MY OWN ADVERTISING:

Impressions- 177,082 (How many times the ad was shown)
Number of Times People Engaged with Your Ad- 4,098
Number of Link Clicks- 205
Cost per link click- $0.02 (Rounded up, actual cost less than two cents)
Total Spend- $3.54

A Lot of advertisers would spend Over $350.00 Per Day for the Same number of results. That's $10,500 a month in advertising costs! But with this method, it was just $3.54 a day.

It just works.

And Your costs can be Even Lower than that if you don't need over a hundred-thousand impressions per day.

So, why the high price for this service? Well, besides the fact that you would save Thousands of dollars a month in the given Example, the price is set to protect owners of the method as it will limit public exposure and keep its extremely valuable trade-secret for the select, small number who do get it... and believe me, when you start saving up to 99% on ad costs, it's worth every penny.

This industry trade-secret can pay for itself, and save you thousands, as I show you how to get those results when you advertise, not for dollars per click, but pennies for Sign-ups to your Business or Affiliate Program.

(If you're looking for a complex, overly-extensive method, this is Not for you. But if you want a very simple, Powerful method to get Pay-per-Click costs way down, for up to 99% less, then it is definitely for you. It is not an ad service, nor is it an offer to deliver sign-ups. It is for people who Already know how to place online ads. You save by setting Your Own ads using the simple method delivered digitally to you via email.)

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