Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Tips on SEO - Meta data

Not so much to keep track of when it comes to Meta data really, but important to help search engines perceive your website the way you want. You could call it "search engine profiling", a summary and fine-tuning of your SEO.

Title tags:

Each web page should have its own unique title tag, that written between <title>and <title>in the html code. It should contain the keywords for that particular page and should not exceed about 60 characters. As I described on the text optimization page, each web page can be optimized for 2 – 4 keywords/phrases.

It's good if the text in the title tag floats naturally and provides clear information about what the page is all about. So you shouldn't just rattle up your keywords.

Keep in mind that this is the first thing people see in the search results. You can have any relevant website, but if the title doesn't appeal to them, you may miss out on visitors.

Meta description:

Each page on your website should have its own description, what is added to <meta content="HERE". The description should be a summary of what that particular page is about. Your keywords for the page should be integrated in a natural way and the description should not be of the type sales letter.

Here I give an example of what it should look like. We say that your most important keywords are "staff hire" "competent staff" and "recruitment company chicago":

<title>Best recruiting company in Chicago – Hiring competent staff<title>

<meta content="We are a Chicago-based recruitment and rental company that helps companies find competent staff"

META keywords are largely irrelevant to search engine rankings. Unfortunately, it is still common to clot the keyword tag full of words that are not even included in the content on the page. It is not good at all and in some cases can lead to the site being deleted from the index of one or more search engines. This is because it is misleading to visitors to the site and can be seen as an attempt to spam the search engine.

Next Blog post in my ”SEO Tips series” is about linking strategies.

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