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Saturday, February 13, 2021

The road to success on the web (part 5.) - Mobile friendly website

The 5 most important things to keep in mind if you want your mobile visitors to stay and click on your site.

In the world of technology, everything develops very quickly, so much of what was relevant yesterday is old technology today. It therefore pays to be as well-informed (and flexible) as possible when developing your website.

Here is a 5-point list of absolute necessities that must be implemented on the mobile website. This is to ensure that your mobile visitors do not turn on their heels immediately upon arrival.

1) Create a mobile subdomain
The first step to becoming mobile friendly is to provide a separate mobile friendly website. It is simply not so smart to try to serve both desktop and mobile users in one place. Create a subdomain (something like and install a redirect script that ensures that mobile visitors are automatically sent (or at least given the opportunity to go) to your mobile website.

· 2) Make navigation smart
The second thing you should do is create a smart navigation. This means designing a clean and discreet navigation for your website by considering the practical implications for a mobile user:

*   Are the main areas of the site most easily accessible with large buttons (or is it more likely that a mobile user will click on another button by mistake?)
*   Are important pages prioritized and others downgraded? Mobile users are unlikely to be interested in your privacy policy or environmental policy. Get them out of the way and make shopping and questioning easier for the mobile user. 

Basically, you need to offer the visitor distinct and clear ways to get to your most important content.

·      3) Write clear and concise content
on the agenda is content. Make sure your writing is clear, concise and straightforward. Now more than ever, you will want to capture the reader's attention right away. Make sure you have compelling headlines that allow the reader to know what comes next.

content should also be unique, original and informative. Get to the point and encourage action as soon as possible. When it comes to mobile web texts, it is "less is more" that applies.

) Scrap JavaScript and Flash
The fourth necessity is to avoid all JavaScript and Flash. If you ignore everything good and aesthetically pleasing with Flash, it is usually a qualified guess that not all mobiles can support both of these technologies. The most ideal is to use standard HTML standard for your mobile website. You probably want mobile visitors to see a slightly less exciting page than no page at all.

Preview the mobile page
final step is always to check your website on W3C Mobile to ensure compatibility between browsers and devices. Be sure to dig as deep as possible and not just settle for a simple site check. The last thing you want is a low conversion rate caused by a dysfunctional script on the contact page.

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